Step 3: Buy All The Traffic

Now we’re ready for our final step, with a cost efficient sales funnel that outperforms our competitors….we want to buy all the traffic we can get.

To create some predictability about our business growth the best solution is to buy your traffic. Relying solely on traffic generating techniques like referrals or walk in traffic is less predictable and less scalable. In fact, there are many businesses out there who do not have a repeatable sales process, who just rely on people coming to them.  You can’t grow a business in this way.

Once we are at a point where we know our process, how it works, how much it costs, then we should have attained the closest to a money making machine that we can.  Put $1 into the funnel, get a multiple of return out the other end.

A caveat here is that your business needs to be capable of scaling without collapsing with the extra business.

By dialing in our processes using pay per click traffic, such as Google Adwords, then we have a predictable sales funnel that can be turned up or down as our business needs dictate, ultimately if the business can handle it then you can set an unlimited budget.

And if you can handle it … you will have achieved Market Domination by capturing a greater share of your market place than your competitors.

Another word of caution, as with any process improvement initiative, it never stops.  There are always changes happening in your industry, new products, new competitors, new technologies.

If you stand still for too long…you end up going backwards.