Step 7: Master a Single Source of Traffic

Ok….now we have a sales funnel, we want to start sending some traffic to it.

Traffic is often described as either free or paid for. The reality is that all traffic is paid for in one way or another. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is always described as free traffic … but that does not account for the time and money spent getting your website to appear high in the google search rankings. Paying for an SEO consultant to get free traffic, spending time writing articles or paying someone to write articles for you?

The best way to get started is to buy traffic to send to your funnel. Yes, building a business online will cost you startup money. Anyone suggesting that you can start a business online with no money down is fooling you.  Yes, the costs can be less than setting up a brick and mortar business, but you must expect to invest money into getting any business started (called start-up capital).

By buying traffic to your first funnel, there are a number of advantages to you:

  • traffic will start coming immediately (no waiting for SEO to maybe get you a few visitors in 6 months time)
  • you can target your traffic to try and attract the most likely interested source of visitors (remember we talked before about the need to match traffic with the sales funnel … if traffic from one source works with a particular sales funnel there is no guarantee that a different traffic source will also work)
  • you will be working to fine tune (optimise) this traffic source to this funnel … meaning there will be optimisation happening at both ends of the process

Some of the issues you may discover in this process:

  • if you haven’t done your homework right on matching traffic with sales offer and no one is buying, then you either need to find out what the traffic you are receiving really want in the way of a product or service and deliver that to them, or change the traffic source (at first this would mean changing our targeting approach)

Some Sources of Traffic

  • Search Engine searches (organic and paid) eg Google, Bing
  • Social Media Traffic (organic and paid) eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Email Lists (solo ads)
  • Media Buys eg OutBrain, banner ads

Key Points

Think about where your buyers are likely to be hanging out on the internet. Are they in Social Media Groups, are they searching for solutions to problems. Go to where you think your likely customers are going to be, and start your first traffic campaign there.

And above all … master a single source of traffic first .. don’t start trying to obtain traffic from many places all at once.