Step 4: Start Building Lists

The moneys in the list.

It’s a famous saying in internet marketing but it still holds true today and not just for internet marketers but for all business marketing online.

We also need to consider, when thinking about lists, is the concept of ownership.

Do you own your Facebook audience? The clear answer is NO … get your Facebook account banned and say goodbye to all your hard work building that audience.

Email Lists

The ultimate list we want to start building very early on in our business building is an email marketing list. An email marketing list is owned by you and can be transferred to different service providers if needed (please make sure you are taking regular backups of your lists).

Add in the ability to capture email addresses in return for giving something of value to potential leads. This can include giving access to the expert credibility content you are creating as the exchange value. The item being given away is known as a “lead magnet”. You are completing a transaction with the visitor … they will “pay” by giving their email address in exchange for the value you are offering.

Remarketing Lists

Another type of valuable list (although not owned by you) is to start collecting “remarketing lists” as soon as possible. Even if you don’t intend running campaigns straight away, start building the lists so that when you are ready you will have the lists already available.

The two most valuable remarketing lists for most people will be:

  • Google Analytics and Google Adwords remarketing lists
  • Facebook remarketing lists

Bonus Tip

Start thinking early about list segmentation.

While it is true that the money is in the list, reason being that the majority of visitors to your website will not take action the first time they visit…hence why it is so important that you can reach out to them again and try to bring them back. They’ve already shown interest … so they are no longer considered a cold lead.

The real power of lists lies in the segments. By segmenting lists you can target people with very precise campaigns that have much higher relevance to them.

For example, separating leads from converters. The campaigns shown to these two segments will be very different as the converters have already purchased the first item. Don’t market to people with the same item they have already purchased, it is both wasted money and annoying to the converter.