Step 3: Build Expert Credibility

Next up we need to start building our expert credibility.

How do we do this? Simple, by demonstrating our expertise and making it available to our visitors and to the web in general.

Some people struggle with the concept of sharing your expertise publicly, it is proprietary information.  The problem is that if you don’t share at least some, not necessarily all of it, then how does anyone know you are an expert.

Just saying “I am an expert so believe me” is not good enough.

Start writing expert content and distributing it out to the web. Create short 3-5 minute videos of an individual point relating to your expertise and share it out on youtube.

Write white papers and case studies that are downloadable from your website.

Write blog posts on current events and news in your industry.

If you can demonstrate snippets of expert information, even if you produce enough snippets that someone can piece together and come up with your entire process, the person who would piece it all together is never going to be your customer anyway.  Your real potential customers are too busy doing their own expertise in their own business to spend the time to do that and would never be able to execute it successfully anyway.

Another point with content preparation is that the same piece of original content can be re-purposed into many different forms giving you greater leverage from that one piece.

For example:

  • have your expert record a 5 minute video talking about one topic
  • the expert has now finished their part
  • have an assistant (or a virtual assistant) take the video and do the following to it:
    – post it on youtube
    – extract the audio and post the audio on iTunes
    – transcribe the audio and add the transcription along with links to the video and audio onto your blog
    – post links in your social media accounts telling people about the new post

By demonstrating expertise publicly you become seen as the go to people for your speciality and visitors can, as they research your topic, start seeing you popping up in many places providing your expert commentary.

Writing expert commentary and posting it on your website blog also adds to our business credibility factor by showing our website is alive.

Here’s a tip …. spend a whole day producing a whole batch of 5 minute snippets of information … then schedule them to be posted over many months. That way, you’ve only tied up your expert for one day and the rest of the work is done by assistants.