Step 11: Add More Sales Funnels

The lesson here is very similar to the previous step on mastering more traffic sources….except this time our focus is on mastering more sales funnels.

Remember in the last step we talked strongly on how the traffic source and sales funnel have a connection.  Sometimes additional traffic sources will run through the existing sales funnel and other times a new sales funnel may need to be created.

Key again is to master one thing at a time.

Do you have extra products/services that will add value to your market? If not, then maybe by asking your existing clients what extra products/services would enhance your value to them will give you the ideas you need.

Can you add a high end product/service to your range for those clients who are willing and able to afford to pay premium pricing for premium servicing?

If you offer a training course, can you develop complementary products/services like automated tools, done for you services, coaching….all things that will add more value to the client who is undertaking your course.

If you don’t have other products/services can you recommend other people’s products/services to your client base by becoming an affiliate marketer.  If you do follow this path then ensure that all your reviews are very honest and truthful, preferably trialing the product/service yourself before recommending.  Treat your client base with respect and only offer recommendations that you truly feel will be beneficial to them.