Step 10: Master More Sources of Traffic

The key here … master one thing at a time … match the traffic source with the sales funnel, optimise the two things together.

Only once you are achieving results, then you can look to expand the sources of traffic that you bring to the offer.

But, be prepared that a whole new traffic source may not work with the exact same offer funnel.  In this case, don’t compromise the existing funnel and try to make the existing funnel work for all people all the time.  You will just end up with a sales funnel that works for no one.

Marketing all things to all people is not marketing, it is a waste of time and money.

If the new traffic source does not work with the existing working funnel, then duplicate the funnel and see if you can optimise a second traffic source/sales funnel combination.

You may even find that a new traffic source is bringing in the wrong type of people for your offer, in which case you may choose not to continue with that traffic source.  You will need to decide whether the different people and the different products they require are a part of your business plan or not.

Ride your winners, cut your losers.