Step 5: Build Social Credibility

Now we want to start building social credibility.

There are many ways of using social media properly. For our purposes of implementing the Digital Marketing Business Model we will only talk about two of those ways, only one of which is applicable at this stage of our development process.

Social Media can be used to:

  • build a social media presence as a form of credibility
  • generate traffic to our website.

In this step of the process we want to add credibility to our site, we’re not ready for traffic generation techniques yet.

First reason social media gives credibility is that visitors now expect businesses to have a social media presence. It’s one of those required things that all businesses must have now.

Second reason is that social media gives us the ability to demonstrate again that we are indeed “alive”.  By posting regular comments it is another place where people can see that current information is being shared with the audience of the business.

So, in effect we are using the social media accounts to help improve our other credibility factors as well as demonstrating to people that we have those accounts in place.

Create accounts in the major players only, no need for going to every little social media platform.

I recommend to start with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Google Plus

Note: while Google Plus has not been a great success as a social media platform, it is Google and it can be used to connect all your accounts together. Google is just too big to ignore.

Finally remember our earlier discussion about owned versus rented assets. All these social media sites are only rented assets, meaning our goal as always is to bring people back to our website and get them onto our owned email lists. Don’t run your business from the social media site, you risk losing everything overnight.

Social Media is an addon to our main business activities.