The Online Salesman is a leading strategic interactive agency with one goal in mind: to help our clients drive their business through interactive marketing.

Our strength is in our experience, our drive and our proven track record. Through a unique combination of strategy, creative marketing and technical expertise we build custom-tailored solutions that allow our clients to expand their reach and profitability. Our team of exceptional business professionals are helping today’s businesses connect with their customers. From innovative strategies, services and methodologies to creating successful online customer experiences, The Online Salesman gives our clients the marketing edge they need to succeed.

The Online Salesman Team

Partner – Martin Snowdon

Martin drives the technology, strategic and leadership services at The Online Salesman. Martin is nationally recognized for his Internet marketing expertise and exceptional Internet knowledge and experience. He has been active in technology and information systems for over 20 years.

During his tenure in Corporate Australia, Mr. Snowdon has become an expert on technology, management, leadership, and best practices for a diverse range of businesses.

At The Online Salesman, Martin focuses on delivering real business results that add to the bottom line of businesses. He takes a holistic approach in the knowledge that tweaking the right areas of a Sales Funnel enable a business to leverage their returns from the online marketing strategies.

In optimising a sales funnel, Martin will analyse the diverse areas of strategy, traffic, leads, sales, email, social media and Google Authorship.

As well as analysing and recommending where increases to the bottom line can be made, Martin can also provide services in:

– Implementation project management

– Maintenance and support

– Business coaching

Martin lives in Sydney, Australia….but is now a Global Citizen whose address is the WorldWide Web.