Digital Marketing Business Model Simple

Digital Marketing Business Model Explained

Why do most businesses fail to capture the potential of the online world?There are so many courses out there to purchase that go through every single aspect of internet marketing…why do people still fail?

There are a number of core reasons for these high percentage failure rates:

how …

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Acquisition Simple


Acquisition, or acquiring visitors to come to your website, can come from many sources.

Some of the current sources of visitors include:

Organic search (people who come to your website from a search performed on Google or another search engine)

Paid search (people who come to your websi…

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Behaviour Simple


The behaviour of our visitors on our website means we want to not only understand what our visitors are doing on our websites eg they enter our website by a certain page, then they go to a second page and then exit our website, but also we want to have our website gently steer visitors through a pro…

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Conversions Simple


Would you like fries with that? Would you like to upgrade to a large meal for $1 more? no, how about a hot apple pie?

These are the lines made famous by McDonald’s staff all over the world. Not only do they apply to McDonalds, they equally apply to all that we do online.  The most difficult th…

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Profit Simple

Profit Optimisation

Now we come to where the rubber really hits the road.

How do we know if our business is actually profitable or not? And what can we do to not only ensure it becomes profitable but also continues into the future becoming more profitable over time?

Unfortunately there are a lot of website owners…

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